John Clare DVD - A Photographic Journey

This is the best DVD introduction to Clare's life and writing. It is a truly magical, moving and beautiful work. The DVD features photographs of Clare countryside by Peter Moyse* and includes selected readings of Clare's poetry and prose.

Also included are reflections on Clare's life by interviews with poet, author and John Clare Society President Ronald Blythe, and poet, author and Clare biographer Edward Storey. Both were founder members of the Society.

All proceeds go to the John Clare Society.

The DVD may be ordered for just £5 (P&P included) from : 
The Publications and Merchandise Officer,  John Clare Society, Thrushstone, 36 Peakirk Road,Glinton, Peterborough, PE6 7LT.

John Wreford, sponsor and producer of the DVD also acts as narrator, holding together the many contributions of photography, music and poetry.  Ronald Blythe and Edward Storey speak historically and personally to reveal many insights into Clare.  There are imaginative pictures to match the text ... touches of history, social history and literary history, and insights revealing the association of winter with poverty or the effect of Enclosure.

An absolute joy to watch and hear (Terry Stokes)

*Peter Moyse is well known for his brilliant photography and has spent many years building a photographic library of the Clare countryside around Helpston.  Peter was a founder member of the Society, and is an expert in the life and times of the poet as well as a talented reader of Clare's poetry and prose. He is also one of our Vice Presidents.